Modern Bathtubs Ideas

Feb 11th

Modern bathtubs – There are many ways to build a bathtub; from construction barrels teak-Sided an outer side to draw a double size spa bath in the main bathroom. One of the simplest methods to a bathtub is connected outdoor hot heater fuel to a common agricultural storage tank. These tanks are large, durable and surprisingly inexpensive, and make a deep comfortable tub. Connecting the heater to the bathtub is very simple and requires no special tools.

Modern Bathtubs
Modern Bathtubs

Modern bathtubs, place the storage tank on a flat, stable surface such as an area of level ground or a concrete slab. The place must be within reach of hose water outdoors. Place the bath heater wherever you want. Note recommended by the manufacturer between the heater and the tank distance.

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Modern bathtubs, drill two holes of 1 1/4 inches across the side closest to the water heater tank. The top hole (for hot water inlet) must be directly above the lower hole (for cold water outlet) spaced as recommended by the heater manufacturer. Four feed pipes Install upper and lower water through holes in the tank with the port hardware supplied by the manufacturer. This usually involves inserting each pipe through a lid inner harbor, which is caulked inside the tank.

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