Making a Trestle Table

Apr 4th

An easel is a wooden stand used in carpentry. Trestle table is composed of two trestles with a wooden plank resting on the top, thereby providing a moving surface, which is placed where it is easily convenient.

Pacific Trestle Table
Pacific Trestle Table

Instructions of making trestle table

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  1. Cut two pieces of 2 x 4 (5 x 10 cm) to a length of 26 inches (65 cm) with the circular saw. These will be the legs of the stand.
  2. Cut the ends of each leg at an angle of 20 degrees. These are the ends of the legs that rest on the floor.
  3. Make a cut on opposite ends 70 degrees. This will be the top of the stand. Do this for all four legs.
  4. Lays one of the legs so that the upper tip pointing to the left, and make a vertical mark with pencil to 3 inches (7.5 cm) from the left end. Mark all legs in the same way.
  5. Place each foot flat on the table cut, and makes a cut along the pencil marks.
  6. Two legs attached along the length of each side of a trestle table 2 x 4 (5 x 10 cm) 32 inches (80 cm) long.
  7. Positions the top of each table for against 2 x 4 (5 x 10 cm) and screwing the screws through it with electric drill.
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