Ideas for Bookends

Apr 24th

Take bookends simple and give them new life, or transforms recycled into new bookends objects. Crafts bookends can be used as projects within the home or in the classroom, and finished bookends can be sold in craft fairs or given as gifts. Think about the items you may have wanted to discard, such as empty boxes of CD’s, and how you can incorporate them into your craft bookends.

Cool Bookend Decorating Style
Cool Bookend Decorating Style

Before discarding old books paperback that’ll never read, use them to form bookends. Take three or four books about the same size and merge them together with string or thin belts. You can also attach them to each other if you wish, or paint them different colors. If you decide to paint, you can add additional ornaments once the paint dries, if desired, such as pieces of fabric, glitter, fake gems and sequins.

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An idea to craft metal bookends is bent old license plates. Simply fold one of the two shorter edges of the license plate. Decorate plain bookends in numerous ways, including paint or wrap in various metal pieces of fabric, which also prevent possible damage to books or hard leather bound cover. Covers these bookends entirely of stickers, sequins or fake gems, or mix and match such ornaments.

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