How to Paint an Oak Bookcase

May 8th

The oak is a popular wood for making furniture. The owners across the country have libraries made ​​from this wood. The libraries of old or outdated oak can be transformed with just a can of paint and an afternoon of your time. The painting extends the life of libraries other way. Painting allows you to customize the oak bookcase to match any room or decorating scheme. You can use several different types of paint to paint such mumble oak.

Oak Bookcases Models
Oak Bookcases Models


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  1. Apply a sanding or remove liquid gloss to the oak bookcase according to manufacturer’s directions. This product works so you do not have to sand the bookcase.
  2. Apply primer to the oak bookcase. Use a brush to reach the corners of furniture. You can use a foam roller in the rest of the bookcase. Let the primer dry completely.
  3. Apply two to three thin coats of latex paint in the bookcase. It covers the main areas of the cabinet with roller and corners with the brush. Let each coat of paint to dry before applying the next coat.
  4. Allow the paint to cure for two to three weeks. Let the bookcase snaps allow the paint to fully cure before use. If you use the bookcase too soon, the paint will scratch or ruin.
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