How to Organize Broom Closet

May 17th

Broom closet – Organize your closet for brooms so you can easily access your utensils clean when cleaning spills requiring emergency or it’s time to refresh your home. You save time and aggravation if you can open the door and get what you need right away without fighting with everything else in the closet.

Photos of Broom Closet
Photos of Broom Closet

Instructions to organize broom closet: get it out of the closet and organizes all content groups. Evaluate everything you want to store in the broom closet. Typically, this includes the vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies. Discard anything that does not use or do not need.

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Place the largest objects in the cabinet, such as vacuuming. That will leave more space around it and let you have good access to each item. Install hooks and clips on the back or side walls or the back of the closet door. Clips and hooks can hold brooms, dustpans, mops, dusters, rubber gloves and anything that fits.

Use existing shelves or install additional shelves for storing small things you do not want to lose sight. Saves cleaning products frequently used with the hub and clean rags. The things you use less frequently, such as wax or polish, can be stored in plastic containers or boxes at the higher or lower shelves where they are visible, but out of the way. Finally, to organize broom closet, fold the washcloth and place them on the shelves.

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