How to Build Chicken Coop

Mar 7th

Unlike other animals home, the hens like to sleep in a chicken coop. As they do most birds, chickens naturally seek high to relax during the day and sleep at the place at night. The coops are not difficult to build and birds prefer a thick branch or small trunk to rest on him. Be sure to add chips or catch tray below the hen house it easier for sanitation.

Cozy Chicken Coop
Cozy Chicken Coop


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  1. Cut a tree branch or trunk to be approximately one to two inches (2.54 to 5.08 mm) diameter (the diameter must choose according to the breed of chickens or roosters). Let the crust. Takes about 10 inches (25.4 mm) of space for the chicken coop. larger breeds need more space.
  2. Place the chicken coop in a dark area. If possible, place it so that birds can see out the window. You must be over a meter of soil –no do the roost too high. Consider the breed of chickens, as some birds need a low hen house. Screw the wooden block to the wall so as a platform for the hen house. Calculate the weight of birds when you use screws and wood blocks.
  3. Screw the hen house to the blocks. Add a ladder to mount and unmeant the birds roost.
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