Hickman Cord Covers

May 21st

Cord covers, this information provides information to patients undergoing cord Hickman. Hickman will explain the meaning of string, and what to expect on the day of installation string Hickman. It will let you know about caring for your string Hickman and what you need to be aware of it. Contact telephone numbers at the end of the sheet.

Cord Covers Australia
Cord Covers Australia

We need to know if you are taking warfarin or any blood thinning injections (heparin). If you take warfarin, you will need a blood test warfarin on the same day as your string Hickman cord covers installed. If you take heparin, we need to ensure that sufficient time between the injection and treatment. The X-ray department will let you know. If you get warfarin or heparin injections.

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We need to check for MRSA before placing your string Hickman. This is harmless bacteria that live on the skin of some people. We will take a swab of your thigh and your nose. The majority of people have a negative outcome. If you get a positive result, we can give you a cream and lotions to reduce the risk of infection with MRSA. Hickman cord covers may demand a ‘central strand’, ‘central venous catheter’ or ‘tunnel catheter and cuffs’ also.

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