Easy Clean Microfiber Couch

May 11th

Sofas upholstered in microfiber also stain and stain remains. Although sold with ruse that stain “less” or that repels dirt. If your microfiber couch has suffered a sudden attack, children, husbands, pets … we can fix damage most of time; will depend on type of stain logically grease stains have a worse prognosis but anyway greatly improved with this treatment. Spray bottle filled with alcohol, pulverize on stained area of microfiber couch, we have to wet it well but without soaking fabric, possibly because then we will be a siege.

pink microfiber couch
pink microfiber couch

Then rub well with sponge. If we rubbed while this will be result, Sponge is pretty mess as it absorbs dirt loosing alcohol. If we clean in another area of ​​microfiber couch or gets too much dirt will have to use another sponge to avoid transferring dirt back to couch, when drying alcohol, which will be soon since alcohol evaporates quickly, we will notice how fabric is a little stiff. It’s time to brush well to release fiber and help stain disappears. Result is quite striking, spots disappear and fabric returns to its original color. To avoid color transfer is interesting to use brush and sponge white.

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