Clean a Bathtub Mat with Vinegar

Mar 26th

A bathtub mat, which is usually made of rubber, prevents slipping in the bath. After repeated use, a mat commonly becomes dirty from soap residue and hard water, and requires cleaning. Several household products provide non-toxic ways to clean carpets bathtub and restore to their original condition. One of them is the vinegar.

Wooden Bathtub Mat
Wooden Bathtub Mat

Hard water contains lime and mineral deposits that can stain a bathtub mat over time. Vinegar is an excellent way to remove these stains from the carpet as disinfect. Place a cup of vinegar (or enough to cover your carpet) in the microwave for 30 seconds or long enough to heat it.

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Place the pad in a sink with a drain closed. Pour vinegar on the table, and let it soak for about an hour. Rub the carpet thoroughly with a brush to remove stubborn stains, and then rinse the carpet with clean, warm water. Now, the bathtub mat is clean and new looks.

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