1. Niagara Falls: The Americana Hotel & Spa (and waterpark).
    Please call (1-800-263-3508) and ask for “The Non-Conference” rate. The Americana online booking will not take discounts. If you book for Friday and Saturday, you will end up getting about 25% off the going rate. August is peak for hotels in Niagara.
    Also, as an attendee and a hotel guest you get up to 4 passes FREE to their amazing indoor waterpark, and 25% off Spa services on site.
    There is free day time parking.
    The conference hall is on the main floor of the hotel.
    As much as The Americana is offering a good conference rate relative to other Niagara hotels at peak season, there are even more affordable hotels and motels, some within walking distance of the conference. Check them out.


August 13, 2016: Conference all day Saturday. There will be a VIP dinner available Friday evening.

Speakers from England, USA, and Canada

Maajid Nawaz: Author of Radical, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance, with Sam Harris, and the founder of the Quilliam Foundation.
Scott Clifton: Holywood Actor and host of the YouTube vlog, Theoretical Bullshit.
Raheel Raza: Author of Their Jihad, Not My Jihad, & founding signatory of the Muslim ReformMovement.
Neda Topaloski: FEMEN Canada. She is an advocate for atheism, feminism, and sextremism.
Catherine Dunphy: Author of Apostle to Apostate: The Story of the Clergy Project.
Christopher DiCarlo: Philosopher of Science and Ethics, and the author of How To Be A Really Good Pain In The Ass.
Ali A. Rizvi: Author of the soon to be released, The Atheist Muslim: A journey from religion to reason.
Armin Navabi: Author of Why There Is No God: Simple Responses to 20 common Arguments for the Existence of God, and founder of Atheist Republic.
Eiynah: A Pakistani-Canadian illustrator/blogger who writes and draws about sexuality in South Asia, religion, politics, feminism, and godlessness. Check out her Nice Mangos blog.


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